Platinum West Rim Tour with Heli and Boat


Helicopter Pontoon
Depart From: Las Vegas, NV
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There are things in life that have to be seen in person for the beholder to get a true appreciation of their magnitude. One such place is the world famous Grand Canyon. Words and pictures do this monumental gorge little justice, because the magnitude of it is just so grand. Fortunately, visitors to Las Vegas can take the Platinum West Rim with Helicopter and Boat tour to get the most unique available perspective of the Grand Canyon's west rim. Customers are picked up from their hotels by a customized touring vehicle, and they're given the opportunity to see and photograph the legendary Hoover Dam.

Passengers also pass through the Mojave Desert and through the Joshua tree forest. After arriving at the Grand Canyon, passengers take a helicopter flight 4,000 feet down to the floor of the canyon. This perspective is one few people will ever have, and it's something they're bound to remember for a lifetime. A pontoon boat will take the customers up the Colorado River and float back to where it departed. A guide is also providing the customers details of the canyon. The views continue when the customers return to the rim of the canyon and take a shuttle to multiple stops. Each stop has a uniqueness to them. An old western town provides entertainment and activities. Eagle Point is home to famous Skywalk glass bridge that can be easily seen along with a massive eagle-like rock formation. Guano Point has several amazing spots throughout the area that are perfect for picture taking. Customers can enjoy a meal of their preference at one of the stops. Transfers back to Las Vegas will be in comfort as the customers reminisce of the day's experience.

Please Note: ==== SITE.COM ==== * For safety reasons, no children under the age of 2 are allowed on this tour. * It is not recommended to schedule other events on the date of travel due to unforeseen delays, such as traffic, which can cause a delay in return times to the Las Vegas area

Product Highlights

  • Tour Duration:
    • Approximately 12 hours from hotel pick-up to hotel drop-off
    • Approximately 4 hours spent at the Grand Canyon
  • Complimentary Roundtrip Transportation:
    • Passengers are picked up from most major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Meal:
    • Morning snack provided - lunch options included at Grand Canyon West
  • Grand Canyon West Activities:
    • Helicopter to the floor of the canyon
    • Pontoon boat cruise on Colorado River
    • Helicopter back to the rim of the canyon