Rainbow Bridge Air Tour


Depart From: Page/Lake Powell
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In 1903, a dozen men trekked from Monument Valley to the base of Navajo Mountain on horseback to find out whether Rainbow Bridge, then a subject of legend, was real. It was real, alright – real big, real pretty, and real hard to get to! Even today, the remote location of Rainbow Bridge makes getting there by car impossible. That’s where airplanes come in. On the Rainbow Bridge Scenic Air Tour, you’ll see one of the largest and most scenic lakes in America in a way that just can’t be done from the ground, all in just 30 minutes! Your adventure begins at the Page Municipal Airport. After climbing aboard your fixed-wing airplane, you’re up and away over the Glen Canyon Dam. Standing only 6’ shorter than Hoover Dam, the Glen Canyon Dam impounds the waters of the Colorado River to form Lake Powell, an important water storage reservoir in the Southwest US. You’ll then bank over the Lake Powell Resort and Marina complex and picturesque Padre Bay before proceeding over Antelope Point Marina and the main channel of the lake. As you cross from Federal to Reservation lands about 50 miles uplake, a mountain rises up before you: Navajo Mountain. At the mouth of a long canyon at the base of the mountain, you see it: Rainbow Bridge! As you get a sense of the rugged and inhospitable nature of this terrain, you’ll wonder how those men endured such a grueling journey just to gaze upon this wonder of nature all those years ago; and wonder how they ever found the bridge in the first place! But you’ll certainly appreciate the modern convenience an airplane provides to enable you to see this unusual and remote landscape so expeditiously and comfortably. After a couple of turns around the bridge, it’s time to head back to Page airport. That doesn’t mean put the cameras away – the scenery on this leg of your flight is different from what you’ve already seen so far. You won’t want to miss a single photo opportunity, and this tour has plenty of them!

Product Highlights

  • Operational:
    • Daily Departures
  • Tour Duration:
    • Approximately 30 minutes
  • Check-in:
    • 30 Minutes prior to departure at Page Municipal Airport
    • Grand Canyon Airlines Terminal, 238 Tenth Avenue Page, AZ 86040
  • Airplane:
    • Flight time is approximately 30-35 minutes