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Depart From: Las Vegas - Boulder City
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Grand Canyon… Hoover Dam… Lake Mead… if you can spare about 3 hours of your Vegas time, you’ve got time to see all that and more! This is the best value Las Vegas Grand Canyon air tour around. Start with shuttle service from your Las Vegas hotel and transport to the Boulder City Municipal Airport. After boarding your deHavilland Twin Otter airplane, you’re up and away over spectacular sights like the Mojave Desert, the O’Callaghan-Tillman Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, sitting so high up that it almost seems unreal. Below the bypass bridge, the Hoover Dam still stands as a monumental achievement in engineering even by 21st century standards. Behind Hoover Dam, the deep blue waters of Lake Mead stretch placidly eastward. Up ahead is the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, formally known as Grand Canyon West. This area of the Grand Canyon has been occupied by the Hualapai Indian Tribe for over 1,000 years. Here you’ll see a side of the Grand Canyon where fewer limits exist and the views are vertical and accessible. After about 70 minutes in the air, it’s time to return to Boulder City, where your shuttle waits to take you back to your hotel. Look how much you saw, how quickly you saw it, and what a great deal it was!

Product Highlights

  • Tour Duration:
    • Approximately 4 hours from hotel-to-hotel
  • Complimentary Roundtrip Transportation:
    • Passengers are picked up from most major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip
  • Check In:
    • Boulder City Terminal
  • Airplane Flight:
    • Scenic route with views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River and Grand Canyon West